FY 2015


JULY 2014 

1. On July 14, 2014, MCBIF approved a loan to The Great Gourmet, Inc.

Amount:             $100,000 Line of Credit

Jobs:                  Retained: 21             Created: 5


 The Great Gourmet, Inc. (GG) started its operations in mid-2003 and is located in Federalsburg, MD. The company is a woman owned business that markets over 200 products, including a wide array of fresh fish and seafood, including crab cakes, chowders, soups, and certain specialty seafood dishes.

2. On July 23, 2014, MCBIF approved a loan to Expo Emart, LLC:

Amount: $250,000 Term Loan

Jobs: Retained: 43                            Created: 11


Expo Emart, LLC began its supermarket operation in December 2009. The company is a minority woman owned business located in Takoma Park, MD. The 41,000 sq. foot store provides international grocery items and has a flower shop, bakery, restaurant, pharmacy, optical shop, cell phone services, sundries and cash checking service.



1. On September 12, 2014, MCBIF approved a loan to National Computer Services Consultants, Inc.

Amount: $150,000 Term Loan

Jobs: Retained: 5                            Created: 18


National Computer Services Consultants, Inc. (NCSC) is a minority owned HUBZone certified information technology business that was founded in 2004 and is located in downtown Baltimore. NCSC specializes in all facets of the IBM hardware platform and related software, as well as, legacy application support, customized software design, and database management.

2. On September 12, 2014, MCBIF approved a loan to SJK Enterprises, Inc.

Amount: $150,000 Term Loan

Jobs: Retained: 3                               Created: 1


SJK Enterprises, Inc. (SJK) trading as MyWay Mobile Storage was formed in 2008 and is located in Hanover, MD. SJK provides do-it-yourself moving and portable storage. The company brings the storage containers directly to the customers who pack them at their own pace. When the customer is ready, it picks up the storage containers and brings them back to their secure, temperature controlled warehouse or delivers them directly to the customer’s new address. SJK services residential and commercial clients in 13 counties in Maryland.



On October 23, 2014, MCBIF approved a loan to Johnson & Johnson Insurance Agency, LLC.

Amount: $315,000 Term Loan

Jobs: Retained: 1                               Created: 5


Johnson & Johnson Insurance Agency, LLC (“J&J”) is a minority-owned business established in Columbia, MD in February 2011 to sell personal and commercial insurance, as well as retirement and investment products.



On December 2, 2014, MCBIF approved a loan to Oakmont Contracting, Inc.

Amount: $150,000 Line of Credit

Jobs: Retained: 1                            Created: 8


Oakmont Contracting, LLC was formed in 2011, and is a minority owned general contracting firm that specializes in federal government and private sector commercial construction contracts, and construction management.  The company is located in Columbia, Maryland and is capable of performing both design-bid-build and bid-design-build contracts.  It has expertise in the fields of project planning, estimating, construction management, cost and quality control, safety, scheduling and contract administration.


1.   On January 22, 2015, MCBIF approved the following loan to Voniks Juice LLC.

Amount: $185,000

Jobs: Retained: 0                            Created: 10


Voniks Juice, LLC (Voniks) is a minority owned company formed in July 2014.  Voniks will be an all-natural juice and smoothie bar. Voniks will create a place for healthier options:  a juice and smoothie brand that uses the best ingredients and dietary supplements.  They will cater to individuals who want to eat healthy and live a healthier lifestyle.  The store will be located in the new Crown Downtown development in Gaithersburg, MD.

2.   On January 22, 2015, MCBIF approved the following loan to Integrata Inc.

Amount: $300,000

Jobs: Retained: 3                            Created: 15


Integrata, Inc., trading as Integrata Security, was formed in October 2012 to deliver cybersecurity solutions to government agencies, financial services companies, and major Health care providers. Integrata has exclusively licensed and is commercializing a Wireless Intrusion Detection System (WIDS) developed and patented by the National Security Agency (NSA).  Integrata Security, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Integrata, Inc., holds the rights to the license with NSA.

3.   On January 30, 2015, MCBIF approved the following loan to L&J Waste Recycling, LLC

Amount: $100,000

Jobs: Retained: 16                            Created: 4


On February 13, 2015, a $100,000 increase to the existing $150,000 term loan was approved.  The additional $100,000 is for the purchase of new equipment, furniture, fixtures and leasehold improvements as L&J expands into a new facility that will be used to store vehicles and provide mechanical services for L&J and its clients

L&J Waste Recycling (“L&J”) was founded in 2008.  The minority owned company began with a single truck, twelve containers, plus a group of dedicated employees. Today, it operates 7 trucks and 200 dumpsters in a state of the art recycling facility in southwest Baltimore (222 N. Calverton Road, Baltimore, Maryland 21236).  It is a full service waste collection and disposal company whose recycling reduces the environmental impact of construction projects. It provides Trash Compactors, Open Top and Front End Dumpsters and Front End Container Lift Services.


1.   On February 9, 2015, MCBIF approved the following loan to The Drop Zone-Drop In Child  Care Center LLC.

Amount: $50,000

Jobs: Retained: 2                            Created: 5


Drop-In Child Care Center, LLC, dba The Drop Zone (The Drop Zone) is a licensed minority owned child care center offering before and after school, and impromptu services local residents and patrons.  The company began operations in September 2014 and is located in the Waldorf Shoppers World shopping center along Waldorf, Maryland’s major artery and shopping district (Crane Highway – Rt. 301).  The Drop Zone’s primary objective is to provide parents and guardians with readily available child care coverage whenever needed for children 2 – 12 years of age.

2.   On February 9, 2015, MCBIF approved the following loan to Housen Homecare, Inc.

Amount: $130,000

Jobs: Retained: 7                            Created: 0

On March 11, 2015, a $20,000 increase in the existing term loan from $130,000 to $150,000 was approved to provide the company with some working capital.


Founded in 1991, Housen Homecare, Inc. (hereafter Housen) is a women-owned, African American owned, full-service, home health care and non-medical assistance provider of professional and compassionate care for families seeking quality homecare for their loved ones.  Serving Baltimore City, Anne Arundel, Baltimore, Frederick, Harford, Howard, Montgomery and Prince Georges Counties.  Housen has three locations in Maryland:  i) The company headquarters at  601 Seventh Street, Suite 203, Laurel, MD 20707; ii) Aberdeen Office – 4 Howard Street, 2nd Floor, Aberdeen, MD 21001; iii) Frederick Office – 10 North Jefferson Street, Suite 406, Frederick, MD 21701.  Housen works closely with families to help them care for the elderly, veterans, adults with disabilities and special needs children in the comfort of their home.  All homecare plans include an initial assessment and audit by one of its nurse supervisors.  In addition, regular nurse visitations are scheduled every 60 days.  Housen provides customized homecare solutions to families and will tailor a program based on their needs.  The company is available to families: Full or Part-time; Weekends & Holidays; Long-term or Short-term (including on a Live-in Basis).

3.   On February 13, 2015, MCBIF approved the following loan to Odyssey Technologies Inc.

Amount: $300,000

Jobs: Retained: 7                            Created: 0


Odyssey Technologies, Inc. provides software-based, centralized, remote facility and financial security services – such as remote video patrol and retail exception analysis – delivered to retail, hospitality, and property management customers over broadband networks.  By centralizing critical security skills and domain expertise and leveraging those skills across multiple accounts, its services create tremendous economy of scale and greatly improve customers’ operating efficiency and earnings. Odyssey’s technology and services guard the enterprise against loss, improve management productivity, mitigate exposure to customer, employee, and vendor fraud, and promote safety and security for employees and residents.  The Company successfully delivers security services remotely and with command center automation.

MARCH 2015 

On March 11, 2015, MCBIF approved the following loan to Blessing Group of Company, Inc. dba Perfect Care Learning Center.

Amount: $35,000

Jobs: Retained: 1                            Created: 2


Blessing Group of Company, Inc, T/A Precious Children Day Care (PCDC) is a minority owned company offering before and after school care as well as day care for children ages 6 months to 12 years. The center will also provide an activity based learning environment that will include separate rooms for arts and crafts, dance, and tutoring for the children at the center.


April 2015 

 1.  On April 13, 2015, MCBIF approved the following loan to Dylan’s Oyster Cellar, LLC.

Amount: $125,000

Jobs: Retained: 1                            Created: 2


Dylan’s Oyster Cellar, LLC, (DOC) trading as Dylan’s Oyster Cellar was formed in 2014 to operate a casual dining seafood/oyster restaurant.  The restaurant will offer an eclectic American cuisine focused on oysters and seafood highlighting local, natural, and seasonal ingredients.

 2.  On April 22, 2015, MCBIF approved the following loan to CRWI, LLC.

Amount: $10,000 Line of Credit;           $15,000 Term  Loan Increase

Jobs: Retained: 5                            Created: 10


CRWI, LLC is a data analytic solution company that offers IT consulting and cyber security services. CRWI is an emerging small business that provides software and systems development, network analysis, custom algorithm development, and cyber security services.

3.  On April 27, 2015, MCBIF approved the following loan to CRWI, LLC.

Amount: $35,000

Jobs: Retained: 0                            Created: 5


Established in 2014, Delights By Mina, LLC operates a full service restaurant at 105 N. Charles Street in Baltimore, MD.  The Restaurant specializes in West African food such as African curry chicken, yassa, couscous, plantains and soupkandje.  In addition, it offers Western European foods with a focus on crepes, blackened chicken, enchiladas, fresh pastas and a variety of salads.  It also provides catering services and a full service breakfast buffet.